Letters to the Editor

Wyneken letter: Mass shootings

Rabbi Dan Fink showed classic chutzpah when he stated, “We want to refrain from hastily politicizing the tragedy” in Orlando, Fla., and then immediately launched into just that by “unapologetically” linking it to the death of Steven Nelson, the gay Nampa man. Rabbi Fink states there is a “direct nexus” between the two and to deny it is “at best woefully ignorant, and at worse, profoundly evil.” Sheesh.

As my dear departed father-in-law wisely said of such persons, “He’s just talking to hear his head roar.” Instead of immediately manning our ideological battle stations, let’s all really try to rationally and thoughtfully figure out how to solve such vexing problems without all the usual rhetoric and hyperbole.

Fred Wyneken, Meridian