Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: What to know about fracking

Although leasing mineral rights to a natural gas company seems like easy cash, the community pays mightily; according to information in the film, “Gasland” and the book “This Changes Everything.”

•  Did you know that the hydraulic fracturing process for natural gas — fracking — injects at least 596 chemicals into a fracking fluid and that this fluid, which contains numerous carcinogens, and the gas itself easily leak and contaminate wells, aquifers and ground water?

▪  Did you know that fracking uses 1 million to 7 million gallons of water per well?

▪  Did you know that the “produced water” (water coming out of the fracking process) is sometimes illegally dumped into streams or onto the ground and is often so caustic that it burns workers’ hands?

▪  Did you know that natural gas companies are exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act and other Environmental Protection Agency regulations? They are also exempt from disclosing the chemicals used during fracking.

So, contact your legislators and tell them Idaho’s not for fracking.

Mary J. Miller, Eagle