Letters to the Editor

McDermott letter: Clean energy

I was proud to learn that one of my former employers recently made another substantial commitment to environmental stewardship. Hewlett Packard, one of Boise’s top employers, committed to 100 percent clean electricity.

HP’s commitment really highlighted for me the role that corporations are playing in the transition to clean energy. Business as usual is no longer an option — fossil fuel energy is facing stringent regulations and increasing costs — that is why HP is just one of 58 major companies committed to 100 percent clean energy.

HP’s Sustainability Officer said that clean energy is part of creating “a more sustainable business” and that “cost-effective and low-carbon sources of energy are essential to the future and the growth of HP’s business.” I agree with them, but I’m left wondering — what impact will HP’s commitment have on the city of Boise?

HP wants to get 40 percent of its energy from on-site generation by 2020, so we might see some changes to its Boise campus. But as more companies, the tech industry, and local businesses follow suit and demonstrate support for clean energy, what role could the city of Boise play to help? Boise can commit to 100 percent clean electricity, supporting industry and protecting our climate.

Lucas McDermott, Boise