Letters to the Editor

Linhart letter: Where was Cecil?

Cecil Andrus expressed that (June 11 Statesman Guest Opinion) “of greatest importance, for generations the federal government has failed to develop a workable national strategy to permanently dispose of vast quantities of high level commercial waste.” Let’s look at what happened. The spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high level waste (HLW) at Idaho was to be shipped to the Yucca Mountain Repository in Nevada. President Obama canceled the Yucca Mountain Project by eliminating its budget to support the re-election of Harry Reid (Nevada Democrat). By doing this Obama broke the law as Yucca Mountain was created by a Federal Law called the Nuclear Waste Policy Act and this law was not to be canceled by a president. Because of this, lawsuits were filed across the country in protest many being from private citizen groups. What did Cecil do about this elimination of a permanent home for Idaho SNF and HLW? Nothing. Now Andrus claims to have such big concerns for the SNF and HLW remaining in Idaho. Yet when he had a chance to fight for its removal to the Yucca Mountain Repository, where was Cecil?

Jim Linhart, Boise