Letters to the Editor

Jung letter: Crazy politicians

Humming Patsy Cline’s song, “Crazy” ... It is just crazy the GOP has for its presidential candidate someone the GOP is trying to change? Why would they have a candidate that needs changing? Why have somebody they hope “pivots?” Why not someone already presidential? Are they craaaazy?

Speaking of crazy, how about our Idaho politicians letting in spent nuclear items? As if we don’t have enough cancer sources. Are they craaaazy?

More crazy Idaho politicians’ approvals ... allowing oil companies to drill right here in Treasure Valley and other Idaho locations ... using fracking. Earthquakes in Oklahoma: two today, 24 past seven days, 98 past month, 2,991 in the past year. Fracking is a major concern as the reason causing the huge increase of earthquakes. Oil/fracking won’t harm Idaho? Think about it: What warms Warm Springs “naturally?” Are Yellowstone and geysers nearby? Might we just be sitting on potential earthquake magma ground? What if pressure is put on that underground?

Talk about craaaaazy politicians who don’t think of or care what’s best for Idahoans, just what’s best for their pocketbooks and re-election. Your vote is your power.

Judy P. Jung, Eagle