Letters to the Editor

Havey letter: Donald Trump

Reading Mark Davis’ defense of Donald Trump, I wondered what evidence of Judge Curiel’s bias in this case or of any other of his rulings Davis bases his opinion. That the judge is a member of a Hispanic lawyers group is hardly damning. Instead of referring to San Diego La Raza’s “community,” he might be better served by reading that organization’s mission statement that promotes professional standards, socialization among the members for support and education, and community identity plus mentoring Latino youth serving as role models through direct interaction with students and school districts. Davis appears to attempt to sanitize Trump’s statements that he, Trump, is being treated poorly because Judge Curiel “is a Mexican.” In fact, Judge Curiel postponed the trial until after November, verifying the judge’s effort at impartiality. Trump and his cadre of attorneys have not asked Judge Curiel to recuse himself or have another judge assigned. Trump is using the bully pulpit to portray himself as a victim and to vilify Judge Curiel.

Anita Halpin Havey, Boise