Letters to the Editor

Gilmore letter: Politicians’ hypocrisy

A couple of items Sunday, June 12, about the right-to-die movement made me reflect on the raging hypocrisy of Idaho’s elected officials (and of course, the people who vote for them). They’re always bloviating about “liberty” and “freedom” and “governmental overreach.” These terms clearly mean only their liberty to be armed to the teeth always and everywhere, the freedom of corporate America to exploit public lands in any way that makes money for them, and any attempts by the government to curtail these things — they clearly believe that government is not qualified to interfere. What about my freedom to die as and when I choose? These blowhards clearly believe that government (as represented by their august personages) is qualified to decide that for me, along with deciding whether or not I should be able to smoke pot, whether or not women should always have to carry a pregnancy to term, and whether or not poor people should be able to get at least minimal health care at no real cost to Idaho. Which is it going to be, Risch, Crapo et al? Do you value liberty and freedom, or are you just another bunch of mullahs issuing fatwahs?

Jim Gilmore, Boise