Letters to the Editor

Geiger letter: Labrador and Trump

Seeing how Raul Labrador recently announced he supported Donald Trump’s policies but not his rhetoric, I sure hope the Statesman follows up to determine exactly which policies Raul endorses.

Is it the one to arm Japan and South Korea with nukes?

How about when he asks the U.S. military to commit war crimes?

Or the policy giving massive tax cuts to the rich?

What does Raul think of defaulting on national debt like Trump does in real-estate loans?

Does he support the idea of a trade war?

Or does he think America’s role as a leader is overrated?

And what’s his opinion of axing the EPA so we can all have water like Flint’s?

Maybe Raul is smitten with some of Trump’s personal business practices. Like the ones in which he stiffs dozens of small businesses?

Or the one in which he allegedly defrauds Americans out of millions of dollars with his quack Trump U?

Or hiring foreign labor almost exclusively at Mar-a-Lago?

Or supporting Trump’s line of clothes made in China?

We know where Trump stands on these issues; I’d like to hear Raul explain for himself how these policies would be best for America. Please inform us before we vote.

Bill Geiger, Eagle