Letters to the Editor

Dodd letter: Mass shooting

Terrorism? Hate crime? Crime against the LGBT community? Does it matter? It’s a crime against humanity. Whether first-graders, moviegoers, college students or factory workers, it’s a crime against humanity. We must make it stop.

You don’t need to be smart, or a Democrat, to see the relationship between mass shootings and assault rifles with 30-shot clips. But it’s more. It’s respect for others. It’s tolerance. It’s parenting. It’s community involvement. It’s being a good friend. We are not protecting a friend to let them act out their obsessions.

Do not let this become an inevitable way of life in our world. If you are not on the right side of this issue I will tell you. If you are running for a political office and are on the wrong side of this you will not get my vote. Together we can be a lot of voices and a lot of votes. We cannot stand by and silently allow this to happen. Will we close our doors, pull our shades, turn on the TV and accept the fact that we have become a nation of intolerant haters and killers? You have a voice and a vote. Use it.

James Dodd, Boise