Letters to the Editor

Menhorn letter: Thank you

A big thank you to Home Depot and the American Legion.

Recently a large group of volunteers from the Eagle Home Depot and members of the Eagle American Legion Post 127 arrived at our house at 9 a.m. with big smiles and painting supplies. They painted the entire fence around our home with paint and supplies donated by Home Depot. The fence was badly in need of paint.

These volunteers were wonderful. They worked very hard, waited for a rain shower to pass over, were cheerful and good-natured while they worked, and finished the job in about five hours.

Home Depot provided this service because I am a World War II veteran, and they wanted to help me with heavy work I can no longer do.

I and my wife so appreciate this help, and we enjoy the fresh view from our kitchen table at every meal. Thank you all.

A very grateful 91-year-old Navy veteran.

George Menhorn, Boise