Letters to the Editor

Kaiser letter: St. Luke’s expansion

Dear Statesman editorial board:

I would like to introduce you to newspaper reporter Audrey Dutton. Audrey is an award-winning health care reporter for the Idaho Statesman, your very own newspaper. Over the last four years, Audrey’s in-depth health care articles have educated many readers in Southwest Idaho about the reasons behind the high cost of health care.

In Sunday’s editorial regarding St. Luke’s expansion, you wrote, “Though some have suggested that the St. Luke’s plan includes an inordinate number of medical office buildings that could be located elsewhere in the city, we don’t buy that. To the contrary, we feel the proximity and convenience in the new plans serve patients trying to get well.”

Yet, in one of Audrey’s articles printed in the Statesman on Oct. 28, 2012, she summarized, “Hospital-based = higher charges,” and in that article she went on to detail why that is the case. Per your own newspaper’s investigative reporting, it has been shown that outpatient visits, procedures, labs and imaging all cost significantly more when delivered on a hospital campus.

The question I’d like to ask the editorial board is this: Do you read your own newspaper reporting or just the corporate press releases and paid advertising?

Bob Kaiser, Boise