Letters to the Editor

Bastian letter: New world order

Governments rise and fall. They were conceived to make a new world order that would transform and make the world a better/safer place. Iran, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were recent efforts of modern society to form a better world government. To cleanse and prepare the way for these new types governments, millions were slaughtered, gassed and exterminated. The result has been a dismal failure.

From time immemorial nations and kingdoms have tried to give birth to a better form of government and world order. Their efforts have resulted in the rise and fall of empire after empire — Rome, Egypt, France, Spain, etc. Today, in America, we are dealing with philosophies and efforts to “fundamentally change and transform America” (Obama).

In our efforts to bring about world peace, we have instituted the League of Nations, United Nations, NATO, etc., and war still rages. When will we “beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks?”

Some historical accounts have shown that preparations for war are a deterrent to war ... “thus being prepared to meet their enemies, they did not prosper against us.”

Morris Bastian, Boise