Letters to the Editor

Worth letter: Solar power

Ah, the summer heat of Idaho is here. In every neighborhood kids are playing, BBQs are smoking and air conditioner compressors are humming.

Speaking of neighbors, we have the best. Wyoming, Oregon and Nevada are oh so kind to let us Idaho Power customers put our belching coal power plants in their backyards. If only we could repay them (with something other than a jello mold), spare their air and generate our own clean electricity? Fortunately, this summer we have the opportunity to do just that by harvesting homegrown Idaho sunshine through installing solar panels on our roofs.

You can eliminate your electric bill, help Idaho Power’s grid meet its summer peak demand and support the local Idaho economy. Two limited time campaigns are underway in Idaho to making going solar simple and affordable: solarizethevalley.org and solarizeblaine.org. Check them out and be a good neighbor.

Chad Worth, Boise