Letters to the Editor

Moore letter: IDFG Commission

Referring to the letter about political hacks, some clarity. I live in Coeur d’Alene and attended the May 16 Idaho Department of Fish and Game Commission meeting. Attendance was rather high — wolf advocates, property owners, hunters, not a single member of the Idaho Legislature. Discussion was lively, yet respectful. Only one person favored the elimination of all wolves in Idaho. There was common agreement that the Wolf Control Board is not a good idea and state funds are being misused.

The previous letter incorrectly states Fish and Game willingly provides money to the Wolf Control Board. The law created by Gov. Otter and the Legislature dictates the department contribute funds. The department and it’s commission opposed the creation of the board.

Fish and Game is the only agency legally obligated to the protection of all of the wildlife in Idaho. No state general funds support Fish and Game. Gov. Butch Otter and Legislature desire to take control of our wildlife away from Idaho’s residents, selling our wildlife to the highest bidders.

There is and always will be disagreement concerning wildlife, but all parties share common goals. Protection of our wildlife from exploitation, extinction and commercialization for individual profit. Otter and the Legislature imperil our wildlife. Fish and Game will at least listen to all Idaho residents.

John Moore, Coeur d’Alene