Letters to the Editor

Silva letter: Donald Trump

Regarding Tex Beauchamp’s letter to the editor dated June 5. Beauchamp hasn’t spared any negative comments on Donald Trump but he failed to complete the resume.

Trump has lived under the business guidelines created by our government. To my knowledge he has never been convicted of any crime. As a businessman, especially at his level, from time to time he deals with lawsuits. Beauchamp never pointed out Trump winning many more than he has lost. Working the system is what a business does and you can’t fault him for obeying the laws he has to work with. Maybe Beauchamp is jealous of Trump’s success in business and can’t come close to his accomplishments.

Trump’s family praises and loves him; what better testimony to his character than that. Other than some lies by the NY Times on his horrible treatment to women he has no skeletons in the closet except the phony ones that backfired on the reporters.

I can’t wait to see Beauchamp’s future comments on Hillary. If he chooses to do the negative thing, he better pay for more space.

Dave Silva, Boise