Letters to the Editor

Leyse letter: INL

New approach is needed at Idaho National Laboratory.

Again and again the Idaho Statesman and other media report that our Department of Energy is admitting that equipment and procedures are not in place to stabilize those 900,000 gallons of defense atomic waste at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). We are told that a new contractor “will submit a new schedule to the state detailing how and when it proposes to resolve the waste treatment issues.” It is weird; I wonder how a new contractor got the job without a proposal to deal with all of that. Instead the new guys are paid to write a proposal at taxpayer expense.

It is time to shut down that INL operation that is controlled by lobbyists. The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNSFB) has misled the American public by authorizing the billion dollar expenditures even though pilot scale operations have consistently produced sludge in the processing vessels during the past 15 years. We should open up this closed shop and pay others to engineer a process for stabilizing those 900,000 gallons.

Robert Leyse, Sun Valley