Letters to the Editor

Honsinger letter: St. Luke’s expansion

On Wednesday-Thursday , the Ada County Highway District decides whether to vacate Jefferson Street between Avenue B and 1st Avenue in Boise to accommodate St. Luke’s desire to expand its facilities and permanently close this public right-of-way vital to Boise’s continued connectivity and livability. When St. Luke’s is queried regarding its other expansion options it simply clams up, or states that they “cost too much” without any further explanation. St. Luke’s disturbing refusal to even discuss any other options whatsoever affects all Ada County citizens. Despite its continued assertion that it must complete its expansion exactly as envisioned because “seconds count” for patients, St. Luke’s does not even address the additional congestion and traffic gridlock expansion will cause. Those for whom “seconds count” will have a much more difficult and time-consuming ride to their emergency care. Other options for moving some of the proposed expanded facilities to locations already owned by St. Luke’s that are more accessible to the majority of Ada County citizens have not even been explored. Please attend the ACHD hearing Wednesday and ask the commissioners to deny this misguided plan and send St. Luke’s back to the drawing board.

Charles Honsinger, Boise