Letters to the Editor

Duffin letter: Clean energy

Boise is an amazing city and the spring of 2016 has been great for getting outdoors. As everything blooms back to life, families are flooding parks and restaurant patios are filling up with people looking to enjoy the warm weather. It’s easy to see why Boise is a regular feature on lists of the most livable cities in the country.

But our great weather this spring, and throughout 2016, is concerning. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has announced that every month so far this year has set a new record for warm global monthly temperature. NASA scientists say that there is a greater than 99 percent chance that 2016 will be the warmest year on record.

If we do nothing to combat climate change, Boise’s incredible quality of life will suffer the consequences — higher summer temperatures, precipitation changes and forest fires. We need to address the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions — electricity produced from dirty fossil fuels. As the largest city in the state, Boise needs to commit to 100 percent clean, renewable energy. They can influence policy and send a signal to the energy market that we are ready for 100 percent clean energy.

Jenna Duffin, Boise