Letters to the Editor

Cavanaugh letter: Trump and judge

As a retired federal probation officer, I worked for federal judges for 20 years in Nevada and California and found them almost without exception to be fine men and women whose love of the law triumphed over whatever their political background had been. Appointed by both Democrats and Republicans, once they were on the bench, you couldn’t tell what their party was.

To have this hack Donald Trump attack the integrity of a federal judge is offensive to me, and he should be ashamed if he’s capable of feeling ashamed. He must be used to dealing with more ... compliant, local judges. But I suggest that he read the Constitution, or have it read to him, and also learn of the majestic history of the federal courts. He should also be told that the court is equal to the executive and legislative branches, one of which he hopes to command.

Perhaps Trump University has a course he could take.

Will Cavanaugh, Boise