Letters to the Editor

Trueblood letter: LAP tags

The June 1 guest opinion by Mike Ewing was right on. Idaho should not issue an increased number of Landowner Appreciation (LAP) tags with the idea that they can be resold. The Fish and Game Commission has listened to public opinion and not approved these proposals in the past.

Some legislators, however, seem to favor the idea in spite of what Idahoans want. Gov Butch Otter is ready to help by not reappointing two of the commissioners who aren’t going along with the LAP proposals, Will Naillon and Mark Doerr.

Wildlife in Idaho belongs to the state (that’s us), and landowners should not get to sell it and keep the profit. Legislators should not take away our wildlife so that it can be sold to high rollers. The governor should not punish commissioners who do the right thing for the people of Idaho.

The governor should reappoint the commissioners, and legislators should attend public meetings with their local Fish and Game staff to find out what Idahoans want. I’ll bet it isn’t selling big game tags to rich folks.

Email the governor at governor@gov.idaho.gov or call 208-334-2100 with your opinion on this important issue.

Jack Trueblood, Boise