Letters to the Editor

Numbers letter: Donald Trump

Election 2016: Thanks to Donald “the Fraud” Trump, we are witnessing the rebirth of the so-called Silent Majority. I find it perplexing that these reborn Republicans have found their holy savior in a truly bizarre, orange-colored and repulsive person who has (supposedly) made billions by creating exclusive country clubs on their uneducated and submissive backs.

Please think about this, America: If “the Fraud” is actually elected, these long-lost right-wing fanatics will resurrect such forgotten phrases as “A woman’s place is in the home — tending to my babies.” And veterans: Make sure you don’t get captured — Trump has a special place in hell for you losers — even if you are a standing U.S. senator. Muslims coming to America? Fageddaboutit. Disabled? How do you like conversing with the suddenly spastic King of Crude? Latino? Time to buy climbing ropes. Active military? This is the really scary part: What if Trump’s latest Russian buddy Vladimir Putin upsets the fragile, egotistical and unstable Donald? So who gets “fired” then? Russia? North America? Remember: He’s now our commander in chief. Explain that scenario to your children ... And your grandchildren ... And your ancestors ... the ones who fought for America ... the inclusive America.

Joe Numbers, Boise