Letters to the Editor

Spaul letter: Democratic primaries

This isn’t about Bernie vs. Hillary; it’s about a paradigm compromising elections. The Democratic primaries are undermined by Citizen’s United, convoluted rules that confuse voters and suppress turnout, and an unfair superdelegate system. These aside, the biggest culprit disenfranchising voters is the mainstream media. Newspapers, network television and their internet sites play an important role informing voters, a position of great responsibility. Mainstream media has wantonly disregarded that responsibility, and it permeates media conglomerates and the Associated Press right down to smaller outlets that regurgitate their soundbites and headlines. They’ve downplayed any Clinton opponent before a single vote was cast, and touted the “inevitability” of Clinton’s victory, by including superdelegates in delegate counts. While the lead may now be insurmountable, it certainly wasn’t in February. In spite of this it’s a close election; Clinton won’t attain enough delegates before the DNC, when the superdelegates actually vote.

If mainstream media had stuck to facts, the increasingly popular, but nonetheless terrifying Donald Trump, might face a less dubious candidate. Ultimately, we must overturn Citizen’s United, establish open and direct Democratic elections, and abolish superdelegates. When these happen, traditional media will have less influence in interpreting politics, and Democratic elections will be … democratic.

Rob Spaul, Boise