Letters to the Editor

Paige letter: Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service is worth your investment because it is now in its fourth straight year of Operational Profits (normal core business) of $4.4 billion since the start of Fiscal Year 2014. The $576 million quarterly operating profit announced by the USPS is positive news, so far showing $1.83 billion for this year.

This has been achieved without any outside help such as tax dollars while employing many veterans at the same time.

The Postal Service is especially valuable to rural states like Idaho since post offices now exist in smaller towns where the USPS is the “center of operations.” Postal banking and other services could be easily included in these smaller cities and towns so that local residents do not have to travel many miles to a larger city.

It is up to Congress whether the USPS can make a positive experience to local communities around the nation or simply make it go away by not serving all Americans with large or small populations. A strong and growing Postal Service would benefit everyone.

We want to provide quality service to our customers at a reasonable price.

John Paige, president, Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers