Letters to the Editor

Bowman letter: Composting, recycling

I’m glad to see Boise becoming aware and proposing a composting plan. When is it going to address recycling glass at curbside, and soda, beer and drink containers that are such a big part of the landfill? Bottle deposit works well in other states. The wheel has already been invented for recycling those things. When is Idaho going to get on board the 21st century? We can’t continue to bury recyclable items and say it’s cheaper to do that than recycle them.

ValleyRide needs to really market the bus system and expand routes. Meridian had a free route for a year that was canceled for low ridership. No one knew about it until the cancellation was posted in the newspaper. We need to get excited about public transportation rather than the self-driving car. A track system similar to MAX in Portland could serve points in Meridian and Boise taking thousands of motorists off the road. The roads are already too congested and have failing infrastructure for existing vehicles. The population keeps growing every day. What is it going to look like when your children are adults?

Paula Bowman, Meridian