Letters to the Editor

Walker letter: Dietrich story

I read the article from The Washington Post by Rob Kuznia which states: Hubert Shaw said he didn’t know Howard well. “I would guarantee that those boys had no criminal intent to do anything or any harm to anyone,” Shaw said. “Boys are boys and sometimes they get carried away. ... Have you ever been popped on the butt with a towel when you was in sports?”

Mr. Shaw, since when does snapping someone with a towel equate to getting violated with a hanger? I’m sure you would feel the difference. The alleged perpetrator should have been slapped upside the head and kicked off the team. And to Shaw’s comment of “criminal intent,” a drunken driver has no intent to kill a family of five with his car, either, but it is still a crime.

My grandparents homesteaded in Dietrich 90 years ago, and if my grandmother were still alive, she would just be sick to see what has transpired in her little town.

Charles Walker, Twin Falls