Letters to the Editor

Luke letter: Bicyclists vs cars

Even though our state has better road conditions and better drivers than other states, by my opinion, accidents are caused because of poor road respect from motorized vehicles and neglect of proper road maintenance. Most cyclists drive motorized vehicles but not all that drive motorized vehicles cycle. This has caused many vehicle drivers to have the state of mind that the road is meant for them therefore they are the kings of it. It is the general rule of the road that when a car approaches and passes a cyclist you give about half a lane’s worth of clearance between the car and the cyclist. But, I myself am a cyclist and have been in situations where this was not applied. There are also many commonly used roads where there is no bike lane so the risk of cyclists getting hit is higher. Eagle Road is a commonly used road for cyclists to travel to Eagle’s less traveled on roads. On the northwest corner of Chinden and Eagle there is no bike lane. It is an intersection set as an eventual accident death trap for cyclists. Idaho needs stricter laws protecting cyclists against cars and needs more bike lanes.

Brian Luke, Boise