Letters to the Editor

Bernasconi letter: Constitution

I’m no expert, so I won’t presume to tell you what the Constitution says; however, I have read it. Nowhere does it mention anyone named Bundy or Sheriff Jones or anyone named Smith, etc., so I’m confused as to why they seem to think they know exactly what the Constitution says.

In the opposite case, where anyone can read the Bible and tell you what it means, we have every preacher and pope up and down the block with a different opinion. They will also tell you they are right and that fool down the block doesn’t know what he is talking about. Thus there are hundreds (thousands) of churches and opinions. Most of us, for the last couple hundred years, have relied on the courts to explain the meaning of the Constitution. That generally seems to have worked. When it hasn’t there have been some amendments.

So, if you feel strongly that there is something that needs to be changed, it might be best to seek the help of your elected representative, rather than going around pointing guns at people. That will save you a lot of angst.

Have a nice day.

Lee Bernasconi, Boise