Letters to the Editor

Yergenson letter: Informed voting

Quality, not quantity, voting.

There were a surprising number of editorial articles in the Sunday April 24 paper encouraging people to get out and vote. While it sounds like a good thing, it’s really a cart before the horse. What we need to see is more emphasis put on self-educating, i.e. identifying sound guiding principles to better enable objective answers to relevant questions like “What gives one person the right to the wealth of another?” and “Which public affairs are appropriate for the government to oversee and which are not?” and “What obligation do we have in equipping young people to be productive members of society?” Then at some later point in the process, you might actually become sufficiently equipped to make a sound, well-informed voting decision. This “get off the couch and engage by voting” mentality just encourages short-sighted, knee-jerk, “I want more freebees” mentality which works well for candidates who are for big government offering lots of entitlements (maybe that’s why most of those editorials were written by Democrats who know this all too well), but it’s really just encouraging more people to be part of the problem (short-sighted policymaking) rather than part of the solution.

Robin P. Yergenson, Eagle