Letters to the Editor

Siler letter: Low server pay

Idaho has one of the lowest-paying server wages in America. In some states waiters are paid $15 an hour plus tips. Here In Idaho I am paid $3.35. Almost every paycheck I see is void. It goes all to taxes. Like most servers, I am a college student, paying my own way through school. Just like everyone else, I have a car, rent and other bills I must pay also. So when people don’t tip or tip barely anything, the only money I am receiving is that $3.35 an hour, which I never see. Basically I am working for free. If Idaho would change their laws so that servers would at least make minimum wage it would allow servers to be able to support themselves and their families on a decent budget. Tips should be calculated on how great of service the server gives to the customer. I understand not tipping for bad service, but when the server gives you a great experience for dining in their restaurant then you should tip accordingly.

Aaron Siler, Boise