Letters to the Editor

Wood letter: Ada County Commissioners

Ada County Commissioners are being really unfair to residents living in only two of the six cities that reside within the county borders.

It appears that Ada County Commissioners want to create courthouse annexes in Meridian and Garden City. But that doesn’t make any sense, especially when we have a new and beautiful courthouse with plenty of space, in Downtown Boise. All of our county services are there and we are already paying taxes to support that building.

I support Meridian and Garden City in their efforts to stop the county from making this unfair demand. Please join me in telling our county commissioners that you do not support having additional courthouses in Meridian and Garden City.

If you are going to make these two cities provide court services, then what is next? Should Kuna, Star and Eagle be preparing to provide facilities too? What an outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars.

Bette Wood, Garden City