Letters to the Editor

Sirhall letter: Light rail

I read with interest Mayor David Bieter’s comments regarding light rail. I both concur and offer additional concepts. Ada County recently received an “F” rating for its air. I believe it is related to the downtown traffic because of the geographical features of downtown. Light rail could help solve this problem by creating a core area prohibiting general traffic which would curtail emissions. We could add a line from the airport to downtown. We must also assess developers with a surcharge for the congestion and air deterioration resulting from their projects bringing more traffic to downtown. Why should we citizenry absorb the cost of deteriorating air quality and possible loss of federal funds? In other words, there is nothing wrong with making them pay a fair share of the true cost. This light rail could originate out past Caldwell and end in same the building where the buses will congregate. And, for parking in the core area, asses a surcharge on each space, again reflecting the real cost associated with their downtown parking. Portland and Seattle have developed highly successful light rail working with buses. Time for Boise to do the same.

Lawrence G. Sirhall Jr., Boise