Letters to the Editor

Rodgers letter: Horse racing

It is a sorry day when one person has so much power in our state they can control us and those we elect. I say we should throw them all out and start over if they allow that to happen and don’t even get to vote because of one guy bullying them. We certainly need to look closer at who we are electing and make sure they are not taking money for their vote from the Tribes and others. Sen. Brent Hill needs to go and so does anyone who votes for him to lead the Senate. Where are people like Jim McClure and Len Jordan today?

I always thought Idaho would be OK but I was wrong. Wealthy guys like Hill get in power and beat up on the little people. We need to look closer at who gives our politicians money. Our kids need good programs and good fairs while they are growing up. My kids were in 4H with cattle and rode horses. It was good for them and they never got in any trouble. They had good leaders, too. I liked the races and the good horses but now they are going away.

Lee Rodgers, Emmett