Letters to the Editor

Logsdon letter: Common sense

Where has our common sense gone? The leading Republican presidential candidate is a petulant child who calls people names and the leading Democrat is a pathological liar. We have a president who is more interested in the price of a cable television box than actively fighting terrorism? The same president only enforces the laws he likes? We give illegals drivers licenses and potentially the right to vote? We are teaching the Koran in schools and continuing to ban the Bible? We want all public restrooms to be gender neutral, with a 7-year-old girl and 40-year-old man together? We want to raise the minimum wage, with the consequence of destroying entry level jobs and closing small businesses? The “white entitlement” issue means I am a bad man because I am white? Black Lives Matter and their tactics are being accepted? Al Sharpton owes the I.R.S. $19 million and still gets access to the White House while Willie Nelson had all of his property sold for less money? We want to give everyone a trophy and hold no one accountable? Our race relations and foreign relations are a mess. Where is this once great country headed? Into despair.

William R. Logsdon, Sr., Boise