Letters to the Editor

Victorino letter: Clean energy

Thank you for covering issues of environment and climate change that affect our region and our future. Although the recent article about miners in Wyoming losing their jobs due to low oil and gas prices was more focused on livelihoods in coal country than the planet, the two themes are inextricably linked. Individuals, business and nations are increasingly aware of the need for renewable energy over of fossil fuels, which directly impacts jobs. Consumers see the economic costs associated with failure to transition to clean energy and the environmental and human costs of oil and gas extraction and consumption. As renewable energy technology advances rapidly and the oil and gas industry becomes less competitive, communities dependent will continue to suffer. Even with subsidies for fossil fuels that distort free markets, the industry is, to quote the aforementioned article, “a sinking ship.”

There is an urgent need to divert from use of fossil fuels. As demand shifts and employment in the oil and gas industry is lost, we must embrace an economy with more jobs in solar and wind power. Now is the time to read the writing on the wall; clean energy is the way of the future.

Leah Victorino, Boise