Letters to the Editor

Thomas letter: 2016 Legislature

It’s totally ludicrous that the citizens of Idaho continue to re-elect and pay our legislators for being clueless and not caring for the majority of the people in Idaho. They failed to provide health care for 78,000 Idaho citizens, but then form another working group to discuss options that should have been resolved before adjourning. They pat themselves on their backs for taking care of education, yet has only been restored to 2009 levels. They really put their heads together to come up with the new gun laws that allow anyone to conceal carry a gun in town, but not into the Statehouse. Looks like they were smart enough to ensure their own safety. They also managed to get the citizens to pay for the Idaho primary even though many were not eligible to participate. No worry, if a lawsuit ever presents itself, they have increased the public defense budget to $8 million to take care of their incompetent decisions. Once again, thanks to legislators for a job well done.

Tom Thomas, Boise