Letters to the Editor

Vande Voorde letter: Refuge cleanup

Again, way to go U.S. government. I see where another $800 screwdriver has been ordered for the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Not really, but yes, our government has done things like that in the past. A $4 million cleanup is laughable ... well, not really laughable ... just downright disgusting. Does a facility such as this deserve gold-plated faucets? Surely that must be one of the expenses. How else would you come up with an amount like that? Outrageous — to say the least. The bureaucrat or bureaucrats that came up with a figure like this deserve a pink slip. The people that work for us have lots of our money to blow. Too bad that the money glut doesn’t trickle down to the guy who’s paying the bill. That’s you, Mr. Joe Taxpayer.

Carol A. Vande Voorde, Weiser