Letters to the Editor

Herr letter: Clean energy

I’m graduating from BSU this spring. I am excited about entering the workforce and think there are plenty of opportunities in the Treasure Valley. But I know many of my fellow graduates are considering looking out of state for opportunities that pay more or are in a field that has opportunity for growth.

One way cities around the country are remaining competitive among major employers and encouraging new industry development locally is by setting 100 percent clean energy goals. By setting the goal, cities communicate their vision of the energy future that invigorates local economies and guides innovative development. This vision spurs advanced energy research, promotes homegrown energy and inspires markets to respond.

And cities are not doing it alone. More than 50 major corporations in the U.S. have set 100 percent renewable energy goals and want to locate where they can source clean electricity from local energy grids. One hundred percent renewable is quickly becoming the new energy standard for sustainability, and cities need to work to foster the transition to continue to compete.

BSU graduates would benefit from a 100 percent clean energy goal in Boise. It would help university research, create jobs and retain graduates.

Jeffrey Herr, Boise