Letters to the Editor

Brown letter: Horse racing

As I made my last trip to Les Bois Park to retrieve my personal equipment I noticed how the barn area reminded me of an old ghost town instead of the usual business of horses and people preparing for the upcoming race season. My family has been breeding and racing horses in Idaho for over 30 years and now must ship our horses to other states while one of our supposed leaders boasts of putting us out of business. Sen. Brent Hill wrote in his after-session letter to the Post Register that they rebuffed the devastating social and economic consequences of casino gambling in Idaho. I find this to be a strange comment from a man who accepts contributions from the tribes, to not notice the three casinos he drives by on his way home from Boise to Rexburg. Hill singlehandedly stopped the Gaming Commission bill with what I see as abuse of his power at the expense of hundreds of jobs, tens of thousands of invested dollars by horsemen families, and millions of dollars to the Idaho economy. Whatever happened to fairness and ethics in Idaho leadership? Our Senate is lacking.

Mark Brown, American Falls