Letters to the Editor

Massie letter: Judge nominees

I urge you to contact your senators, Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, and ask them to stop holding the citizens and our country hostage in regard to federal and Supreme Court justices appointees’ interviews. They are servants to their constituents and I cannot tolerate the partisan attitudes playing out in the Senate in regard to appointing a Supreme Court justice and federal judges any longer. All nominations that President Obama has made measure up to the standards and expectations of Republicans as well as Democrats, and it is the senators’ duty to hold hearings for the individuals nominated. The fact the Senate refuses to even consider a hearing for these individuals is despicable and below the standards expected of our senators.

Please help to stop this unnecessary bickering and the holding of our country and its citizens hostage for self-righteous nonsense. They must do their due diligence as outlined by our constitutional rules.

We will remember this and if they do not act accordingly, I will do my best to see they do not get re-elected.

I hope you agree with me and will contact your senators to let them know they should get on with the nation’s business.

Hugh Massie, Boise