Letters to the Editor

Jensen letter: Distracted driving

Hello, I’m here.

May I make a suggestion for all of us on the road that are concerned about distracted driving?

When you see a person behind the wheel who is distracted, especially texting, give them three quick little “toots” on your car horn. Do not lay on the horn as that might startle them back to reality and cause them to jerk the wheel or slamon the brakes, creating an accident that you are trying to prevent.

This way they know you are there and you want them to know you are there. No, they may not like or appreciate it. Or maybe they will feel just a little embarrassed that they got caught and will stop texting at least until you have safely driven away.

Remember, three quick “toot, toot, toots” as in “I see you.” Maybe they will toot back “You caught me.”

If it saves one life, as in yours or a loved one, then consider playing this little game. Happy motoring.

Jeffrey S. Jensen, Caldwell