Letters to the Editor

Graham letter: West Ada editorial

Rarely have I read a more contemptuous and patronizing editorial than the one in the Sunday, April 17, paper regarding the West Ada School Distric Board.

It may have been the “unsigned consensus” of your editorial board, but it stank to high heaven of Robert Ehlert and the condescending attitude he’s displayed toward Idahoans since his arrival here. Seriously, he needs to be sent packing back East.

Too much time spent in executive session by a board that promised more transparency! Fire them. Failure to support arguably the best superintendent in the state? Fire them.

It was obvious from the very beginning that Julie Madsen, Tina Dean, Carol Sayles and especially Russell Joki came into their positions with hidden personal agendas, chief among them the removal of Linda Clark as quickly as possible. Clark herself hit the nail right on the head when she accused the four trustees of conducting a “witch hunt.”

In the event that we do end up with clones, or even one or more of the four of them back on the board, then their lack of integrity and respect for the stakeholders in the West Ada School District will be even more plain for all to see.

Robert Graham, Boise