Letters to the Editor

Friedman letter: 2016 Legislature

The cost of legislative inaction.

I just received my vehicle registration renewal including the hybrid surcharge, which nearly doubled the fee. My thanks to Reps. Palmer and Collins for stalling action on the Senate bill repealing the surcharge in order for them to play in their political sandbox. While this is irritating, it’s minor compared to the real damage caused by the Legislature for not expanding Medicaid to the most deserving of our citizens.

Let these legislators stand at the bed of someone suffering from a treatable disease but lacks the means for treatment or attend the funeral of someone who has died from lack of access to insurance. Let them help a family move from the home they have lost due to the inability to pay for crushing medical bills.

There has been an outpouring of testimony and respectful, articulate and polite letters and opinions supporting the expansion of Medicaid and critical of the lack of action. These have not fallen on deaf ears as much as insensitive ones. The ideologues in the Legislature who refuse to expand Medicaid are not worthy of respect and are beyond contempt.

Pete Friedman, Boise