Letters to the Editor

Brewer letter: Horse racing

The closure of Les Bois Park will lead to the closure of all the small tracks in our state. All this will do great harm to our small communities and all the wonderful things that go with them. County fairs are a large part of our way of life and the development of our young people. Every dollar generated by the horse industry goes into our economy and helps counties and small communities survive. That fails to be important to Sen. Brent Hill and his handlers, but it is essential to this state. The Legislature should stay out of redistributing income and allow free enterprise to do its job. The state taxing, spending, controlling and competing with business and industry is destroying our state and driving out the small businesses that made us great.

We have bright, freedom-loving legislators we elect to represent us in the Idaho Senate, but they have been brought under the control of Hill and his gang. It is time to make changes before we lose what has made us great.

Bryan Brewer, Nampa