Letters to the Editor

Tiegs letter: Tax credits

The traditional narrative is that Democrats care about the people and that Republicans like Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo care only about fiscally responsible policies. I can trust with little doubt that as elected, compassionate men they are concerned for the well-being of all Idahoans.

The Eearned Income Tax Credit expansion will provide incentives for 67,000 Idaho families to get out of poverty. The current EITC policies are hindering Idahoans from gaining economic stability and therefore are requiring more aid from the government. The expansion of EITC is an investment in our citizens to be contributing members in our society. Furthermore, the lowering of age from 25 to 21 of people who can access the provisions allows for an opportunity to teach millennials such as myself the value of hard work. We have to invest in Idahoans and fellow Americans and their independence.

Dalton Tiegs, Nampa