Letters to the Editor

Parker letter: Zika virus

Your article on the risk of Zika transmission is incomplete. You mentioned that the Aedes egyptii mosquito is not in Idaho and is so far confined to a few southern states. You failed to mention the Aedes albopictus, another competent vector for Zika, which has spread rapidly throughout the Eastern half of the U.S. and southern areas in the West, and is expected to spread farther every year. Also if you had checked PBS.org, as of March 7 this year there was preliminary evidence that the common Culix mosquito can carry the virus, though less efficiently because it is less prone to feed sequentially on multiple humans. That species is everywhere.

Therefore travel advisories will quickly need to include much of the continental U.S. and Hawaii, and asymptomatic carriers could arrive on any domestic flight.

Nancy Parker, Caldwell