Letters to the Editor

Ziegler letter: Bicyclist quiz

As a cyclist, I was disappointed in the April 11 front-page quiz. Riding as close as “possible” to the right-hand edge of the roadway is dangerously incorrect. Better wording is revealed on page 4A, but the damage is done: reinforcing the misconception that cyclists are safest when skirting traffic at the extreme edges of the roadway.

Words matter. “Practicable” accounts for the judgment necessary for a cyclist to safely maneuver along our roadways in ways that “possible” does not. There are many sensible and lawful reasons why you’ll find cyclists in the lane, only a few of them listed on page 4A. This is a reality that many motorists and even some in local law enforcement don’t understand.

As a motorist, if I encounter a cyclist riding lawfully in “my” lane, I recognize that she has the same rights and responsibilities I have in deciding how and where to travel, and treat her as I would another motorist. This means, among other things, slowing down if necessary and passing when it’s safe (for both of us) to do so. If this concept is foreign to you, I encourage seeking out any of a number of local or national cycling organizations for guidance.

Kurt Ziegler, Boise