Letters to the Editor

Suarez letter: Earth Day

This year I’m experiencing Earth Day for the first time in the United States, my home being back in Nicaragua.

Earth Day in my hometown is celebrated by talking about the environment in our schools, planting trees and generally fostering care for our planet. In my small town, this conversation is always connected to the very real understanding that our environment is drastically changing.

Rivers once full of water are now only groves of dried earth that serve as reminders of their once powerful flows. Changing precipitation puts farmers that rely on rainfall at risk as the years have grown drier. Wells families used for groundwater are drying up, forcing families to rely on trucks that deliver drinking and bathing water.

Disproportionately impacted, these people contribute little to the driving factors of climate change. In Boise, consuming energy from coal, I feel responsible for working towards climate solutions.

Curbing carbon pollution is the fastest way to prevent further climate disaster. City government is engaged on sustainability and willing to tackle climate change. I urge Boise to transition the city to 100 percent renewable energy to protect their residents, but also my hometown and others worldwide suffering from effects of climate change.

Marcial Angulo Suarez, Boise