Letters to the Editor

Shuker letter: Legislature

When we deny an increase in minimum wage, we leave a populace out of the economic loop of purchaser that could buy services and goods and place them in an eligible class for food stamps, food banks and subsidized housing. When we do not make Medicare available for 78,000 Idaho citizens we risk that number of persons unable to support their families, increase the cost of emergency care and end-of-life medical expenses. When we increase education costs to only match the 2009 level, we risk having thousands of children from being ready to earn a livable wage or able to compete in our world of technology. When we do not stop ultra-religious groups from denying medical care to children, we deny those vulnerable persons to their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When we deny LGBT persons job and housing protection, we deny citizens the constitutional protection to live their lives in harmony equal to other persons of our great democratic society. Is this what we are about? Are we penny wise and pound foolish and so fearful of doing the right thing that we can no longer do what is needed?

Maryann Shuker, Nampa