Letters to the Editor

Meithe letter: Education

There is so much anxiety around change and fear of the unknown. In spite of that fear, I’m ready for change, my kids are ready for change and we are ready to try something new. I want my kids to be excited about going to school, to be excited about what they learn — what I desire most is for my kids to have a love for lifelong learning.

Creativity and the desire to learn are being crushed out of children when faced with remote memorization, mind-numbing lectures and large amounts of homework. The majority of teachers want to create an environment where students collaboratively work in teams, investigating and answering complex questions or problems while gaining knowledge and skills — because that’s what real life looks like.

Many schools have been doing this type of learning for years and have seen great results. Idahoans want these changes for our students. For the children sitting mindlessly at their desks each morning weighed down with obsolete texts and irrelevant homework, change cannot come soon enough.

Amber Meithe, Star