Letters to the Editor

Goolsby letter: Medicaid expansion

When District 9 legislators came to Weiser on April 4, I asked about the health care expansion which would help 78,000 uninsured Idaho citizens. The legislator’s response was negative. So there will be no help for uninsured Idaho families.

A bill to approve the Medicaid expansion was introduced and at its hearing the medical director of critical care in Idaho Falls testified that the expansion was needed to save lives of Idaho citizens. No vote on the bill was ever allowed by the Republican majority. They used their power and control over a bill for expansion of Medicaid, an issue that 61 percent of Idaho voters favored. The people may have to take control to get this done (per testimony by Kenneth Krell, M.D. of Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls). Medicaid expansion costs neither state nor local taxes, and saves taxes that pay for indigent medical claims.

This was a sad legislative session for Idaho showing a need for change in District 9, which includes Washington, Payette, Adams counties, and Canyon County precincts in Parma and Middleton.

Rejeana Goolsby, Weiser